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Postcard - Schoolboys Wearing Homemade open shallow water diving helmet, February 21, 1935

Postcard - Schoolboys Wearing Homemade open shallow water diving helmet, February 21, 1935Größe ca. 11,4 cm * 9,4 cm schwarz/weiß repro / neu - - - Size approx 3.7 “ * 4.5 “ black and white repro / new
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original Titel:  "Schoolboys Wearing Homemade Diving Gear."


Datum / ÄRA:  Postkarte/Fotographie, aufgenommen am 21. Februar 1935, Venice, California.  

Eine klassische historische alte Postkarte, hier neu reproduziert.

Sehr guter professioneller Druck auf 350g Papier.

Sammlerstück in sehr gute Qualität.

Masse Postkarte ungefähr 15,0 cm X 9,8 cm




Coast schoolboys dive for fun and profit. Venice, California...Members of the boys' marine "Suicide Club" of San Pedro High School, and their girl friends, on the beach here. Equipped with diving outfits constructed from odds and ends, under the direction of Jack Cheaney, these youths cater to marine trade, salvaging sunken craft, retrieving lost anchors, freeing lines fouled on propellers. Their helmets are made from sections of hot water heaters. A bicycle pump forces 20 pounds of air pressure to them through garden hose. 



original titles:  "Schoolboys Wearing Homemade Diving Gear."


date / ERA: Reproduktion from an Postcard/Photography, taken on February 21, 1935, Venice, California. 

An old classic historical Postcard/Photography, new reproduced.

Very good professional print on 350g paper. 

Collector`s item in very good quality.

Dimensionses postcard approximately   5.9" * 3.8 "   (15,0 cm X 9,8 cm)

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